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You are invited to submit information on events, programs, and meetings anytime for us to share on our website, in our weekly newsletter, on our social media, and on Sunday mornings as a part of worship. 

Please use the following form to submit information for an upcoming event that you would like for us to advertise. The Digital Ministry team will use the information you provide to ensure your event/announcement is promoted via the appropriate communication channels.

All new announcement requests must be received at least ten (10) days prior to promotion via the selected communication channel.

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact our Digital Ministry Coordinator at

Form Instruction:

All required fields are labeled in red with an asterisk (*).

A graphic will be created by the Digital Ministry team to be used in conjunction with your event. If you have a graphic that you would like to be used or referenced, please upload it under "Supporting Documents" at the end of this form.


The Digital Ministry team will send to the named Event Point of Contact all draft work (graphics, write-ups, etc.) for review prior to publication.

Event Ministry Area(s)* - Please select at least one of the following. If "Other", please identify below.

If "Other" selected, please identify

Event Start Time
Event End Time
Is Registration or RSVP Required for this Event?

If registration or RSVP is required, please provide the applicable link or email address, or check the box to request assistance with setting up registration. Please also provide applicable registration dates.

Is there a cost/fee to participate in this event?
Where shold this be promoted? (Please check at least one)

Supporting Documents:

Please upload any documents, images, videos, etc. that will assist us in promoting your event.

NOTE: Up to 5 image or video files can be uploaded. Only one document can be uploaded. If you need to submit more than this, please send an email to

Upload Image or Video