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Bikes & Bibles


Sunday, June 4th | 3:00pm

Fort Hunt Park Picnic Area C, Fort Hunt, VA, USA

Join us for an afternoon bike ride. Riders of all abilities are welcome as we will go at a moderate pace and break for devotional time.

Our next “Bikes and Bibles” outing will be next Sunday, June 4th, at Ft. Hunt Park from 3-5pm to coincide with the Bikes in the Park event for families. We will meet at the picnic tables at the Group Picnic Area C to fellowship with the families who are at the Bikes in the Park event, lead a bike ride for the kiddos, and can set off on a longer bike ride if there is interest.

If you need your bike transported to and from the parking lot, please contact John Pike.

Contact Bob Johnson (703-980-5922) or John Pike (703-608-9051) for more info.

All are welcome!
Bring a friend!
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