Aldersgate’s Intercessory Prayer Group

Aldersgate has an Intercessory Prayer Group serving you and your loved ones quietly behind the scenes. Though discreet and low-key, it has a powerful and essential mandate. Our group is dedicated to praying for others within our congregation and worldwide who have spiritual, medical, and relationship needs. Accident victims, deployed military, persons caught up in natural disasters, hunger, domestic and community violence, homelessness or human trafficking are on our lists, as are a multitude of other circumstances. All of our discussions are confidential and every prayer request is honored. We are apolitical and do not judge need by class, color, sexual or political orientation, geography, or any other factor.

Anyone can request prayers by making a notation in the pew pads, calling the church office (703-765-6555),

or sending an email to prayers@aldersgate.net.

Praying Hands