A few other things as we loosen restrictions...


  • Votive candle holders have been washed and will be available to light starting this Sunday. So, if you have a loved one, friend or even personal prayer need please feel free to light a candle and then snuff your lighter back in the sand.


  • You’ll notice we will have a couple tables set up with signups in the Welcome area as you come in door 1, especially this coming week for ushers, greeters and worship volunteers as well as children and youth volunteers. Want a table to hold signups? Contact Diane our scheduler to reserve a table. Tables are limited right now.


  • Communion will continue like we have been doing for the next months. The packets will be available on the back table to be picked up as you come in and then feel free to take a communion cup with you if you have family or friends you’d like to share with, it’s consecrated!


  • Nursery is open for children 3 and under. Staff are ready to receive your children!


  • Passing the Peace? We will use a hybrid “Passing of the Peace” over the next few weeks to include Sign Language as we have been doing, and also being sensitive and respectful to those immediately around you, say hello, say, “Peace of Christ be with you.” Wave! Be friendly. Did you know we have had 5 new families with children visit the last 3 weeks?


  • The offering plate will remain in the back for you to place your tithes and offerings if that is your preferred way to give. Thank you for your generous hearts!


  • Items like pew pads, bibles, hymnals will come back gradually as we move towards our Back to Church Sunday on Sept 12 with a 9:30 and 11am worship service, fellowship time in Wesley Hall at 10:30 and Sunday school for all ages at 9:30am.

Dear Aldersgate Family and friends,

Have you ever heard the bible verse, “Sing a new song unto the Lord?” Well, it may not be a new song, but we are about to be able to sing to the Lord without our masks on! Starting this Sunday, you will notice that the blue tape marking off pews will be gone, and we will be able to sing without our masks on as long as you have been vaccinated and if you as an individual feel comfortable in doing so.


The percentage of adults 18 and over who have been vaccinated in Fairfax Co is  now above 66% and that means we can lower our restrictions. Our Praise Band and cantors and choir, once they resume, can sing without masks. We do want to recommend proper and smart social distancing which means just being sensitive and respectful of other’s personal space. Some will feel comfortable shaking hands, others may not. Some may like to give fists bumps, elbow bumps, or just say, “hello it’s nice to see your face”, with a smile!

Be aware that some of our youth and children still have not had their vaccinations so we recommend they wear a mask at this point. Wearing a face masks is always optional even if you have been vaccinated.































So let’s prepare to sing a new song to the Lord. Our Praise team will be live this week and Pastor Jon will offer a great message. Plus, we have a youth to baptize and confirm!


It will be great to take these next steps forward together. Let us continue to be sure to be safe, smart, and as John Wesley said, Do no harm.


Have a great week, and see you Sunday live at 9:30 and online.


~Paul Amos, Lay Leader

~Pastor Randy

~The Relaunch Team