Relaunch Team Update 3.1.22


Due to the updated guidelines from the CDC and shifts in our local context, the following went into effect on Monday, March 7:

  • All restrictions on food and beverage are lifted.

    • Groups may still choose to use single serve items, if desired.


  • Masks are optional for all age groups and for all activities.

    • People with symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with COVID-19 should stay home and get well.


  • Communion will still be served in the singlets, but the pastors will begin exploring the possibility of resuming communion by intinction.


  • Other practices changed due to the pandemic will be examined by our staff and Leadership Team to determine the best effectiveness.


  • If Fairfax County moves from its current community level of “Low”, as defined by the CDC, to “High” we will once again return to masking requirements and food restrictions.