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Longest Night - Service of Light


Thursday, December 21st | 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Aldersgate UMC (Founders Hall)

While the Christmas season is a time of joy, we know Christmas can be very difficult for many - especially if you have lost a loved one over the last year or longer, a job, a pet, a relationship, or if you are dealing with health issues.   


Grief can leave us lonely and feeling disconnected. Please join us on the longest night of the year to connect, share, support, and pray with our Aldersgate family in a special service at 7:00pm on December 21st in Founders Hall. We'll share together, listen to each other, and pray together, while lighting four candles to reflect hope and healing.  


Our time will be facilitated by Grief Counselor and Aldersgate member Chesley Simpson, our Wellness Coordinator Judy Jurkowski, along with pastoral and liturgical guidance from Pastor Randy and Pastor Jon.  


Please contact Judy Jurkowski for more information or with any questions.

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