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AUMC Collegiate & Seminary Awards

Aldersgate United Methodist Church
Collegiate and Seminary Awards
2024-2025 Academic Year

The Aldersgate Permanent Endowment Committee will offer a limited number of competitive college and seminary awards for the 2024-2025 academic year.  Applicants must be members or regular attendees of Aldersgate United Methodist Church.  Further eligibility requirements and the application form are provided below.

Applications will be accepted until April 30th, 2024.

For questions, please contact John Pike (

Application Details & Requirements


Applicants must attend an accredited college or university as full-time students during the 2024-2025 academic year.  No awards are available for graduate-level studies other than seminary.  Applicants must be under 24 years old if not attending seminary.

Download a PDF of the application details & requirements information:
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