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United Methodist Women (UMW) is now United Women in Faith (UWF)


Women who participate in monthly circle meetings and support mission projects to grow spiritually and become more deeply rooted in Christ by putting faith into action.


Our national mission institutions empower women, care for children, educate and equip youth, care for the neglected, advocate for social justice issues, create economic opportunities, and strengthen neighborhoods.


Our members give out of their love for the world and provide financial support for local and national mission institutions, supporting 121 programs taking place in 110 countries.


UWF members’ voices are heard around the world as they call for justice on issues such as immigration, human trafficking, domestic violence, health care, and the environment.


Any woman who wants to engage in mission work, have personal and spiritual growth with Christian women, and who wants to become involved in social action to better women, children, and families may join. It’s easy to become a member of UWF. You can talk to someone you know who is already a member or email Lorrie Rezendes or call her at 703-780-6937. UWF meets monthly in small groups called Circles as follows:

Elizabeth Circle

2nd Monday of each month @ 10:00am

Meeting Location:

Member's Homes

Shirley Burgett ( / 703-780-7966)

Elizabeth Circle has been very active in the past, but because of age and health issues, our circle is mostly inactive. We will meet to have fun and grow spiritually when we can.

Friendship Circle

2nd Monday of each month @ 7:00pm

Meeting Location:

Member's Homes

Lorrie Rezendes ( / 703-780-6937)

Friendship Circle is comprised of mostly of working women who want to grow spiritually, have Christian fellowship, and work on mission projects.

Esther Circle

2nd Tuesday of each month @ 10:00am (September through May)

Meeting Location:

Room 132 (Library)

Hettie Hervey ( / 703-360-4625)

Esther Circle enjoys doing mission projects, enjoys programs to learn about ourselves and each other and our faith, occasionally has speakers, and does two luncheons a year.

Sewing Circle

3rd Wednesday of each month @ 10:00am

Meeting Location:

Rooms 202 and 203

Lorrie Rezendes ( / 703-780-6937)

The Sewing Circle meets monthly for fun sewing projects. We iron, cut, pin material, and machine sew projects. One project we do every year is to make over 240 heart pillows for local hospital heart patients that have undergone surgery. In 2022, we completed 60 baby blankets that were sent to the people of Ukraine. We are also working on pocket prayer quilts that we hope to sell at this year's Christmas Market. All women are welcomed and there are jobs for all!

Lydia Circle

2nd Thursday of each month @ 10:00am - 12:00pm

Meeting Location:

Room 202

Kathy Larkin ( / 703-765-9417)

Lydia Circle enjoys coming together when we are able for fellowship and spiritual growth. We are focused right now on collecting jewelry donations for this year's Christmas Market.

Ruth Circle

2nd Thursday of each month @ 5:30pm (September through May)

Meeting Location:

Room 132 (Library)

Ruth Circle enjoys spiritual meetings and deep friendships while welcoming those who are new to the group. Members participate in reading and discussion of UWF books, and sharing uplifting programs and projects.

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