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June 2024

Phoenix Rising

Volunteer to make and deliver sack meals to the people sheltered in local motels.

Point of Contact

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Phoenix Rising meal packing happens once each month, on the Thursday before the second Friday (not always the second Thursday). We pack meals at 5:00 p.m. in Wesley Hall. For more information about Phoenix Rising or to be added to the volunteer email list, please email Linda Bishop at

Each month we put together 160 sack lunches that include:

2 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches

Granola bar

Bag of chips

Capri Sun


Phoenix Rising also needs volunteers to help with the meal deliveries on the second Friday of each month. Time commitment is 2 to 2-1/2 hours, starting at 6:00 when we leave the church. We stop off at various motels and group homes between Fort Belvoir and the Beltway. Most of the recipients are expecting the deliveries and express their gratitude. If you are interested or would like additional information, please contact Sam Sasnett at

Those who volunteer to deliver the bagged lunches have shared that the people who receive the sack lunches are very appreciative, and that it is a blessing to those who deliver because they get to see the end results of all the planning and work that goes into the Phoenix Rising program.

Locations and people served along Route 1 between Ft Belvoir and I495:

The Courts at Belvoir (apartment building)

The Red Carpet Inn by Rising Hope UMC (many children and elderly reside there)

The Mondloch House

The Halfway House on Beacon Rd

The Brookside Motel

The Fairfax County Drop-In Center (peer support for folks with mental health and substance abuse challenges)

June 2024

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