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FOCUS 2025 - AUMC's Strategic Plan

Aldersgate UMC will live out our mission of courageously living God's unconditional love, serving others, and making disciples by:

Engaging people for Christ.

Connecting people with Christ through our ministries and programs.

Equipping people to be disciples of Christ.

Sending people out as disciples to engage others.

Within this structure, we will pursue strategies in line with the following principles:


God has provided many blessings to AUMC over which we are entrusted with stewardship. Among them are financial resources, real and personal property, the environment, and missions. Accordingly, we will make elimination of debt a top priority because it acts as an anchor holding back all other missions and endeavors; ensure our properties and systems are properly maintained; and seek to operate transparently and in an environmentally responsible manner.


AUMC will build ministries that meet people where they are, engaging with their interests in places they pursue them, and doing so in innovative and fresh ways. Innovation will inspire decision-making as we seek new avenues for ministry inside and outside the walls of AUMC. Examples could be a prayer group that meets at the dog park or fellowship built around common interests like hiking, knitting or sports.


AUMC is committed to mission work that transforms for the better those people or causes we seek to serve locally, nationally, and internationally. Such work will start with listening to those we seek to serve as they describe their needs then engaging in meaningful mission directed at the root causes of those needs. In this missional outreach we will seek to break down barriers in order to become more inclusive and diverse.


Digital access systems greatly expand AUMC’s reach. We will do what is necessary, within wise stewardship principles, to maintain up-to-date computer, video and similar equipment; maximize our online presence; and expand digital access for those who do not already have it or know how to use it. This focus on digital ministry will help us navigate our increasingly digital world by connecting us with those inside and outside our community in new ways.

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