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Shepherding for the Future

Comprehensive Campaign 2023

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want."

Psalm 23:1

Rather than ask you twice within several months to give to two separate efforts, we are asking you once to support these efforts and to consider a gift for the future through a single Comprehensive Campaign for 2023.

The Comprehensive Campaign 2023 has three parts - Stewardship, Shepherd Hall, and Legacy Giving. More information on each is below. We ask you to consider each part carefully. We encourage you to be a shepherd for the future through your giving.

Thank you for your contribution and commitment to Aldersgate UMC!

2023 Stewardship Campaign

Operating Budget

The priority or first component for giving is your support of the annual expenses - the operating budget - of the church. The operating budget is the cost of the church's programs every day of the year. The total operating budget for 2023 is projected to be $1.6 million. This will be paid through pledged commitments (62.5%), non-pledge donations (28.2%), and other revenue (9.3%).

Our goal is to receive pledged commitments for a total of $1 million.

Included in the operating budget are the apportionments which we pay to support the ministries of the United Methodist Church denomination.  Apportionments is a method of giving that proportionally allocates the denomination-wide budget to conferences and local churches. For example, the apportionment dollars that Aldersgate gives toward Global Missions and other organizations within the United Methodist Church help those in need in Ukraine.

The operating budget includes apportionments, staff salaries, church administration expenses, missions, and the cost of maintaining the church properties (main church and two parsonages).

Operating Budget Circle Chart.png

You are asked each Fall to make a commitment through the "Stewardship Campaign" for the following year. You are asked to renew your current commitment to support the annual operating budget and to consider increasing your pledge by 10% for 2023. If you do not have a current commitment, please consider making one.

The amount you give is a personal matter. When deciding on how much to give, remember that scripture indicates that tithing is the standard and that giving one-tenth of our income to the church is the norm. Tithing is a spiritual goal for many Christians and for members of the Jewish faith, as well.

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