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Mondloch House

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Volunteers are needed to purchase and deliver fresh produce for the local homeless shelters and transitional housing tenants through the Mondloch House program.

CLICK HERE to sign up to volunteer.

"Mondloch House" is the name of Aldersgate UMC's longstanding program that provides fresh fruits and vegetables each week to area shelters and to supportive housing operated in Alexandra by New Hope Housing. New Hope Housing is a local non-profit organization dedicated to providing housing and a gateway to a better life for homeless families and invididuals in our community. Mondloch House 1 on Lockheed Boulevard and the Eleanor Kennedy Shelter on Route One provide both short-and long-term housing to homeless individuals, while Mondloch Place provides them with transitional housing. In addition, New Hope Housing runs a number of supportive housing programs to help otherwise homeless families find and maintain subsidized housing. New Hope Housing offers families and individuals more than just food and shelter. It also helps them to develop the life skills needed for successful independent living by offering counseling, teaching employment skills, providing health services, and facilitating transportation assistance. New Hope Housing also operates an employment resources center and provides educational enrichment and recreational activities for children and their parents.

For many years now, Aldersgate volunteers have supported the important work of New Hope Housing by providing fresh fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis to ensure that the individuals residing at the Mondloch House and Eleanor Kennedy Shelters have healthy and nutritious food to eat. The program also adds our fresh produce to grocery packages given to the families in subsidized and supportive housing. The time and financial commitment for volunteers is minimal, but the reward is great.

How Can You Help?

CLICK HERE to sign up to volunteer for a week (or more) this year.

Volunteers pick a week of their own choosing to shop for and deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to our central drop off point at Mondloch House 1 (3510 Lockheed Boulevard). Volunteers are contacted early in the week with a list of the produce that is needed. Volunteers are asked to commit to spending at least $50 to purchase to the requested items at a store of their own choosing (and sometimes right from their own gardens!) and deliver them to the Mondloch House 1 shelter during daytime hours that week or weekend.

For more information, please contact Patricia Millett at 571-405-4676 or

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